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Developed by Sapient Corporation, goHow Airport is for Android, iOS and BlackBerry helps you track your flights, and explore the world’s top airports in a very comprehensive and convenient manner. Although there are quite a few other flight tracking and travel-based apps such as SkyScanner, Kayak, Momondo and Hipmunk etc available across various mobile platforms, goHow Airport is special because it fetches all its data from directly from major airports around the world. Whether you wish to receive push notifications for the status of your flight, or want to get view airport maps, information on gates, locations to claim lost baggage, security wait times, live weather forecast and parking/transportation facilities, this app has you covered. In addition, the app has a built-in flight tracking feature that lets you track flights by route and flight number. More after the break.


Initially released in the iTunes App Store, goHow Airport has just made its way into the Android Market.

Each searched flight that meets your personal requirements can be saved to the app’s My Trip list. In addition, you may edit the itinerary of a scheduled flight to add a connecting flight or replace it with another one. Your saved trips are displayed on the app’s homescreen with real-time status updates.


That’s not all; the app also ensures that you don’t feel lost (or bored) while roaming around the airport. It displays everything from contact details, a map and overview of each airport to info regarding available shopping, eating, drinking, banking, transportation and entertainment facilities. What’s best is that the app does not clutter the screen with all sorts of information. It lets you filter all the content according to your needs.


For various services and amenities, you can get handy information such as their brief details, exact location, phone number, working hours and ratings provided by other travellers. To help you find your favorite airports in a flash, the app also saves a history of your recent searches.


All in all, goHow Airport is meant for all those who are either already out on a journey, or planning one for the near future. Grab the app for free via the Market link or QR code provided below.

goHow Airport For Android Vows To Put An End To Your Travelling WoesDownload goHow Airport

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