MyTextTwister For WP7: Decorate Your Text Messages With ASCII Art Share
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In the olden times, people used to hire calligraphers to create beautiful illustrations of text for various purposes like sending invitations, special messages, or as decorations. Nowadays, it just takes a Windows Phone 7  to create ornamental messages for your loved ones with MyTextTwister, an app that offers an interesting set of styles to decorate your text messages (SMS, emails etc), and is ideal for sending greetings to friends and family.

twist text  kind of twists

MyTextTwister has a straight forward interface. Just type your desired message, and choose a style for your text from under the Twisting Logic option. Once you are satisfied with your choice, you can send the text as an smsemail or share it on Facebook.

greetings  characters  assorted

If you feel like adorning your message even more, tap the snowflake button to decorate the text. The decorate options offers three different styles, namely greetings, characters and assorted. You don’t need to return to the previous screen to share the message after you’ve chosen a style of your liking. You’ll find all three sharing options within the decorate screen.

MyTextTwister is a simple app and and does not require much figuring out, as is apparent. Download it this holiday season to send quirky greetings to your family and friends. It is available for free on the Marketplace and can be downloaded from the link below.

Download MyTextTwister

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