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Tab Notifier, a Firefox add-on, displays desktop notifications when the title of a tab changes, or when you receive instant messages on various social networking sites, even when the tab is not focused. Tab Notifier notifies you with new desktop messages, and clicking on these simply opens the tab that triggered the message. Also, you may add filters to specify websites that will be ignored when sending desktop notifications. This add-on provides the utility of being instantly alerted when a new notification is received.

The desktop notification is represented in relation to the title of the page. For instance, if you have one Facebook notification, the notification will be (1) Facebook. This eliminates the need to repeatedly check your inbox or social networks for new messages and notifications.

facebook  gmail

Some users prefer not to receive notifications for certain websites. Such users can access the Tab Notifier settings to specify websites that will be ignored when their titles are changed. However, this feature is not functional at the moment, so you might not be able to add filters.


Tab Notifier is quite a useful extension, as it lets you keep track of new messages on all your social networks without having to visit these websites regularly.

Install Tab Notifier Add-On For Firefox

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