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Want to quickly strip metadata information off your images without having to specify each EXIF element? AutoJpegTrunk is a small, yet powerful tool, which uses console-based ExifTool (by Phil Harvey) as underlying technique to remove metadata from images in one go. The application also calculates the total space that you save during the process of removing metadata. It’s been specifically developed to help users who rely on ExifTool to delete the meta data from images. Unlike ExifTool tool, which enables users to read, write and edit existing meta data information, it performs only the ExifTool’s deletion process over the specified images set.

It must be noted that the download package includes ExifTool. So, if you want to edit the metadata and write new information to image set, you can run this application in Windows Command Line Interpreter. The AutoJpegTrunk is a portable application; just run the JpegTrunk.exe, and specify the image collection path by clicking Specify Path. Now, hit Process button to begin removing the image metadata from all specified images.

autojpegtrunk 1

Once the image metadata has been removed, it will show the original size, processed size, and total space that you saved. It’s highly advisable to open the image collection folder in Windows Explorer to verify the removal of image data information. If, for some reason, it fails to completely remove the image data, you need to clear the list, and then specify the images whose metadata is to be processed.

image meta data 1

AutoJpegTrunk works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download AutoJpegTrunk

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