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When it comes to photo editors for iOS, there is no shortage of apps that can be used to tinker with your photos and add all kinds of effects to them. We have covered a lot of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch photo editors, like Bleach Bypass and Luminance among many others, but there are still many popular ones that haven’t been touched just yet, mainly because there are free alternatives available for them. Photo Power is one such app, which was priced at $2.99 until recently. Now, however, the app has gone free, and that’s why we decided to take a good look at it. Read on to know everything about this convenient and feature-rich photo processor.

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The distinguishing feature of Photo Power is that it does not require any fancy work on the user’s part. Every feature in the app is really easy to use, and, generally, all you need to do to make a certain change is a single tap, as the options have been laid out neatly under each editing category. The welcome screen of the app is followed by options to choose a photo for editing. You can snap a photo from the device’s camera straight away, or Photo Power supports importing from Photo Library as well. Right after an image has been selected, the app will ask you about the size and resolution you want to apply to the edited version of the picture. This can later be changed from the editing screen in the resolution section. If you just want to edit a particular section of the image, tap the dotted square in the top left, and define the area to be edited.

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The changes which can be made to a photo using Photo Power are categorized into 4 main parts. In the crop menu, you can tinker with the photo’s dimensions and orientation. Each feature incorporates a slider that can be used to define the exact amount of changes being made. There are many apps which come with pre-defined filters, and while Photo Power employs most of those, it can also be used to create your own customized filters in the color section. The app supports two image formats, JPEG and PNG, and users can choose between the two from the Settings menu. If you want, you can share the photos straight from the app, over on Facebook and Twitter.

If you are looking for a photo editor which will let you make changes to your iPhone photos without creating a lot of fuss, just head to the download link below and grab Photo Power while the holiday festivities last!

Download Photo Power

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