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Looking forscholarly or academic research articles? If you’re a student, for instance, finding the right research paper for your final year project can be a pain. While some papers are provided for free, often access to research papers is restricted in one way or the other. You might not be able to find the actual source, download it as a PDF, or it might simply be paid. Publication Finder, a Chrome extension, annotates digital library web pages with direct links to research publications, direct download links to PDFs and a search option. A Google Scholar toolbar is added to the top of these webpages. It is quite a handy tool for finding research papers online while browsing popular digital libraries.

Many research papers only show you limited information, such as the list of authors, abstract, references, publications and comments. Such papers are simply useless, as they do not provide you with the information you are looking for.

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If the publication in the library is found using Google Scholar, then the webpage is annotated with a direct link to the research paper. A direct download link to the PDF is also added to the paper, if the publication can be downloaded from some other source. Also, you will find a drop-down menu with Matches option. Google Scholar can also be searched by clicking the Search button.


Publication Finder adds a Google Scholar toolbar at the top of the page to multiple digital libraries, such as SpringerLink, ACM Digital Library and IEEE.


This is a useful extension for both students and researchers alike. It can save your time and makes accessing research papers much easier. Publication Finder is completely free, and does not require a sign up or any other information. You can grab the extension from the link below.

Install Publication Finder For Google Chrome

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