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There are, no doubt, plenty of apps available for creating a video, and many of those allow you to upload your work directly to YouTube, but few offer you any video effects that aren’t there just for the sake of having a laugh. Moso is a Mac app that is altogether different; it not only comes with a large variety of graphic annotations for videos, but also has sound and custom annotations available, which means you can add text to an part of the video and have it appear for as long as you like in any order of your choosing.

The app isn’t just for making videos from spring break look funnier, or for amateur video bloggers. It allows you to add text and create an entire story line of when an effect should be applied. The app also has some pre-defined sound effects that you can add to your video, but many, if not all, are animal sounds, and aren’t of much use unless you’re going to sing Ole McDonald had a farm and upload it to YouTube (should anyone decide to do that, we’d love a link to it).

The first thing to do after installing the app is to make sure your camera is added properly. The app does auto detect webcams, but if it isn’t specifically set, the app will stop detecting the webcam after you’ve completed one recording. To add the camera, go to the Settings tab and click the Webcam button. Select a camera from the Webcam Settings dropdown, and set audio from the Mic Settings dropdown just below it. Adjust brightness, contrast and blur from the sliders on the right, and click OK to save.

Moso webcam

Next step is to create a Storyboard, where you may choose to record a video using the webcam, or use images from your system and turn them in to a movie complete with animation effects and text. Click Storyboard and choose either Webcam, Photos & Videos or Sounds to create a new video, and drag it on to the blank bar just above the options.

Moso storyboard

If you want to add text to the video, go to Motion Text  on the Settings tab, select what kind of text you are adding and how you want it to appear. Type it in and you’re ready to start recording. Switch to the Studio tab to start making a video. Click the Record button and the app will countdown from 3 before it starts recording. You can choose to play music as a backdrop to your video, and from the effects dropdown, choose from over 27 different kinds of effects to add to your video.

Moso effects

Any and all text that you enter will appear on the Motion Text area just below the effects, and to make text appear on the video, select it and hit Enter.

Moso text

Once you’re done annotating your video, click Stop to end recording. Review your video, and if you’re happy with what you have, post it. All videos you create can be seen in the Storage tab. To upload, select the video and click the YouTube button. Enter a title, description, chose privacy settings, enter your YouTube login and password, and click Upload.

Moso upload video

The app has a premium version, where you can upgrade for $29.99 and enjoy video output in HD as well. For creating instructional videos, this app is exceptional.

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