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Shopping for the holiday season is in full swing, and it might get a bit overwhelming if you try to visit each store to find the best deals. So, it is always useful to have some help from your smartphone. If you own a Windows Phone 7 device, your shopping just got a whole lot easier. Shop Kmart and Shop Sears are two very similar apps that will let you get info on products of interest to help you decide what you want to get before you set out to buy it.

Shop Kmart Top SellerShop Sears Top Seller

You can’t actually order items using these two apps, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t useful. Using Shop Kmart and Shop Sears, you can virtually browse through the entire Kmart and Sears stores, search for items and view their prices. In addition, the apps come with an option to find all the Kmart & Sears stores in your locality. The apps start with the Featured page, where staff picks are displayed. The screen might display individual items or whole categories worth taking a look at. If you are interested in a category, you can navigate to its dedicated page by using the app’s search option.

Shop Kmart BrandsShop Sears Find Stores

Shop Kmart & Shop Sears come with really comprehensive filtering options, allowing you to search the apps with respect to categories, or even brands. The apps also allows users to check for a product’s availability in stores. The biggest advantage of the apps is that it lets you find stores nearby. Just let the app track your current location, and a list of stores in the area will be presented to you. For each result, you get to see the store timings, contact information and, of course, the exact postal address.

Kmart Sears WP7Shop Kmart Custom Search

Not only do the apps provide textual directions to each mall, but also let you view the route on a map. The apps come with almost all features good shopping apps should have. All that is needed now is the option to order products from within the apps.

Both Shop Kmart and Shop Sears are free. The links provided below will take you to their respective Web Marketplace pages.

Download Shop Kmart

Download Sears

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