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Want similar mouse gestures for Chrome in Windows as you use to on Mac? Scroll2Navigate, a Chrome extension, allows you to easily navigate through previously viewed pages by adding Mac OS X-like mouse & track pad gestures on Windows and other OS. Once you’ve installed the extension, simply scroll your Magic mouse wheel left or right to navigate between pages, just like what you used to do on Chrome for Mac. It adds mouse gestures for much faster navigation while surfing the internet, and if you’re a Mac user, you can also use the magic track pad with two-finger-swipe on Windows. Easily change the Sensitivity and Effective Range settings by accessing the Scroll2Navigate options. Moreover, disable the Scroll2Navigate temporarily by holding the Alt key.

Scroll2Navigate allows you to navigate between your current page and the previously-viewed pages. As you move from one page to another, a large arrow moves across the page.


You can change the settings for four different categories from the Scroll2Navigate options, namely TrackPad, TrackPoint, Regular Mouse and Custom. Change the settings for Sensitivity & Effective Range by simply moving the sliders, and test your new settings on the same page.


This extension is quite handy, and can be used for quick navigation in Chrome. If you like using the Magic mouse or Trackpad on Windows, then Scroll2Navigate is just what you need to make your browsing experience more interactive. Visit the link below and try it out.

Install MagicCube Scroll2Naviagte For Windows Or Other OS For Chrome

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