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Online privacy is perhaps one of the most debated topics there is; everything from emails services to cloud storage and social networks can often end up under heavy criticism for the way they track and use personal information. It isn’t just some of the frequently used sites that track us, even when you aren’t signed in, websites (or more precisely ad companies) are tracking you. Seemingly harmless and often useful sites have ads and not all those ad companies like to play nice. Sheepish, a Google Chromeextension, allows you to detect these invisible trackers on different websites and lets you control your privacy. It gives you a list of all the trackers and a list  to all the companies that are interested in your activity. With Sheepish you can browse in a more secure manner and have a safer browser experience.

Once you’ve installed the extension, the extension adds a button, a white sheep next to the URL bar. As you browse online, a list of all the companies that track you is displayed on the extension button.


Once the list is populated, you will be able to view the total number of trackers and the complete details of all these companies. Just click the Sheepish button to view these details.



Access the extension’s options to enable tracker blocking and to view the number of bugs. Furthermore, you can choose to show blocked, unblocked and all bugs from the drop-down menu. Also, filter bugs by using different keywords.

Options - sheepish


Sheepish is a fast, efficient and handy extension that enhances web security and guards you against trackers. It provides you with a safer browsing experience, and makes it easier for even a rookie to manage privacy. Install the extension from the link given below and try it out.

Install Sheepish For Google Chrome

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