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The Metro UI of Windows 8 has been under a lot of discussion since the release of Windows 8 Developer’s Preview. If you really like the Metro UI but don’t want to leave Windows 7 just for the UI change, you can now enjoy Windows 8 Metro interface in Windows 7. Instant Beautiful Browsing or IBB is an open source project aimed at developing a workspace that includes applications such as multi-view browser, clock, weather app, store and links to other applications in a eye-candy Metro User Interface.

After installation, Instant Beautiful Browsing can be easily accessed from a desktop shortcut just like any other application. It takes over your computer screen and replaces the stock Windows 7 interface with the beautiful Metro UI. The application has Metro tiles set by default for Weather, Clock, Browser, Gmail, Shop, Music etc. Click a tile to access the attached application. You can also edit the tiles yourself to add and remove new applications.

Windows 7 - VMware Workstation_2011-12-15_17-32-51

For instance, click Clock or Weather to view the Metro clock in both analog and digital time formats or the current Weather of your location.

Windows 7 - VMware Workstation Clock

The Shop tile lets you change your user status, pin sites to Pinner, view your Google Docs, add and apply themes from Theme Center, etc.

Windows 7 - VMware Workstation Shop

Please note that Instant Beautiful Browsing is under development and some of the tiles and options might be buggy at the moment. Meanwhile, you can also check out how to get Windows 8 style Metro start screen in Windows 7 using Metro7.

Download Instant Beautiful Browsing

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