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The integration for Twitter in iOS 5 is truly amazing. Most of the stock iOS apps now have options to allow users to tweet from right within the app. Also, you can use gestures to start composing tweets on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, but it is always possible to make things a little bit more easy. That’s what Twicon is all about. This simplistic Cydia tweak does nothing except adding a standalone icon to your iDevice Springboard, which will launch the native iOS 5 tweet composition screen.

Twicon Tweet  Twicon

If you are on iOS 5, by now you must be familiar with the tweet screen which pops up almost throughout the OS whenever you choose Twitter in some app’s sharing options. Via that screen you can compose a tweet and also add your location to it. But what if you are just in the mood to write a tweet not relevant to any app? You can launch the twitter app, or any of its third party clients, and tweet from there. But Twicon offers a much simpler solution to that. Instead of waiting for the full app to load, you can just tap the icon added by Twicon, and start tweeting without any further fuss.

Twicon is a free tweak, and can be downloaded from the ModMyi repo in Cydia store. Although the developer page doesn’t mention this fact, but most probably the tweak will only run with iOS 5, as it uses the native Twitter screen used in the latest version of iOS.

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