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As we all know, Epiphany has been the long standing default browser for the Gnome desktop. However, as the Gnome developer’s look forward to making use of cutting edge technology and Gnome improvements, it appears that the time of Epiphany (at least as far as Gnome is concerned), is coming to an end. This is because a prototype of the new Gnome browser has been released for early testing by users. This new browser is likely to be the Epiphany replacement for the new Gnome desktop. Details after the break.

You can download this prototype browser, and run it from the To do this, you will require making this file executable, which can be done by right-clicking on the file, and selecting Properties. Once done, head over to the Permissions tab, and check the option “Allow executing file as program.”

This will launch the prototype browser. The browser currently does not have a lot of features, and lacks many functionalities of a standard browser. For instance, there are no tabs, and you cannot customize the size of the browser. For all obvious reasons, there is also no add-on support as of now. The best feature appears to be the simple Refresh button and the Pages section.


When you click the Pages option, it takes you to a speed dial landing, where you can check out your recently visited webpages, favorites, and webpages in queue.

Speed dial

While the browser is currently stripped of many essentials features that a standard web browser should have, it is certainly going to improve with future updates (as this is only a raw build). What one can determine from this prototype, however, is that the new Gnome browser is likely to be a minimalist browser with essential functions, and hopefully quick browsing functionality. For a demo of this browser, check out the below video.

Download the Gnome Prototype Web Browser


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