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It is always nice to add spice to stuff that you have to view daily. This is the reason wallpapers exist, but even changing wallpapers gets boring after a while. WAlpha is a free tweak for jailbroken iOS devices, that adds a small degree of customization to the wallpaper. It allows you to reduce the wallpaper’s alpha value, effectively dimming it out – roughly the same effect you see within Spotlight search.

Half Alpha  Zero Alpha

The screenshots you see above have been taken after changing the alpha value of iPhone’s default wallpaper. The one on the left shows the wallpaper with alpha value set to approximately 50%, while in the one on the right, the value has been set to zero.

Doing so is easy. Once you have the tweak installed on your  iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, go to the Settings menu of your device and select it from under the Extensions tab.

WAlpha Settings  WAlpha

The tweak’s settings consist of nothing more than a simple slider that can be dragged to adjust the current wallpaper’s alpha value. The more you move the slider to the left, the dimmer the wallpaper will get. Note that the new alpha value will only be applied after you flip through the screens at least once.

A pretty simple functionality, but it does make the icons on the Springboard a tad more prominent.

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