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Identity theft means stealing the identity of another person by obtaining personal information, such as drivers license number, social security number, and other identification documents, and using them to impersonate that person to gain benefits, or performing criminal acts. The problem amplifies when the crimes committed by the impersonator are attributed to the victim of identity theft, and the burden of proof of innocence falls onto the victim. Internet has provided criminals new and easier ways to steal your personal information, and commiting fraud in your name. Your computer collects detailed information about you, such as logins, passwords, addresses, credit card numbers etc, and stores them on your hard drive. So, if a thief can gain access to your system, he can easily grab this information. Read on to find out how to protect yourself from identity theft.

Identity Finder is a tool that lets you find credit card numbers and login/passwords saved on your computer, that are vulnerable to identity theft and fraud. It allows you to search files that contain personal information, such as Adobe PDF, Word, Excel, Text, HTML etc, and permanently delete files and remove passwords from your browsers to secure yourself against identity thieves.

On the first run, the application asks you to set a password. The Identity Finder Search Wizard makes the process pretty easy after that. Select Start Search Now to start searching for sensitive information stored on your PC.

Identity Finder Wizard

The application will search multiple locations of your disk drive for different types of data such as Files, Browser Data, Credit Card Numbers, Passwords etc.

Identity Finder Status

Once the search is complete you will receive a notification displaying the results including Matching Files, Total Matches and Items Searched.

Identity Finder Notification

You can then choose different actions to perform on the found items from the Tools tab in the main interface, such as Password Vault, Add to File Vault, File Shredder, System Cleanup etc.

Identity Finder Free

The application has three different versions; free edition, home edition and premium edition. The free version is ad-supported, and is limited in terms of its search functionality. It works on Windows XP Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Identity Finder

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