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It’s really annoying when you start to make a plan with your friends, and nobody can agree on one decision. Wouldn’t it be a relief if, for once, you and your pals could decide what movie to watch together in a few minutes? If your friends are on Facebook most of the time, then Weego for iOS will prove to be a treat for you, as it lets you create any event and invite your Facebook friends to it. Your friends can vote for or against this event, withdraw themselves from it all together, and chat about it within the app.

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Once you have installed Weego, log in with your Facebook account and start making plans with your friends. The app lets you make multiple plans with the app and share each plan with a different set of friends. You can also invite friends to an event by sending them an email.

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Tapping the ‘+’ button brings up the Create Event screen, within which you can decide What you want to do with your friends as well as When and where. You can add more than one location to the event. Simply tap Add location(s) to choose places from the map of your current location.  This map also shows where your friends are, provided they use Weego too.

You can enable voting for an event if you want to know what friends think about it. Your friends will be notified of your plan through Weego, and can tap Count Me In… if they feel like joining you. In case you change your mind after doing so or realize you won’t be able to attend the event, you can simply notify your friends or ask them to postpone/drop the plan by tapping either I’m Not Coming,Suggest a New Time or Cancel Event.

Weego is made for all those of you who spend five out of seven evenings in a week hanging out with their friends at a local joint or the movies. It has a fluid interface, yet it takes a few seconds to get a hang of. The app is available for free on the iTunes App Store. Download it from the link provided below.

Download Weego

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