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If you frequently work with media files, and sound files in particular, then you might have needed to compress audio files quite frequently. There isn’t a void of audio compression software, but ones for Mac are somewhat rare, not to mention costly. X Lossless Decoder is a Macapp that lets you decode and convert audio files between any of the several supported lossless formats, i.e., OGG, APE, WV, TTA, M4A, TAK, SHN, AIFF, WAV etc. Additionally, the app also helps burn and rip CDs while maintaining all metadata and album art in a single directory. When ripping or burning CDs, the app will let you save or split tracks into cue sheets.

Once the app is installed, you will have to set preferences the first time you launch it. For file conversion and compression purposes, the General tab will allow you to set the output format, the output directory, a format for the file name, how to treat files with the same name, and whether the encoded files should be added to iTunes, too, or not.

X Loseless Decoder general prefereces

From the Batch tab, you can set how multiple files are saved and opened. The CDDB tab allows you to access a database service of your choosing, while Metadata tab lets you set how and what kind of metadata should be saved. The CD Rip and CD Burn tabs are for setting preferences for ripping and burning CDs, respectively. These preferences include log errors, cue sheets and verifying files after, or during, ripping.

You can have several different sets of preferences saved to different profiles; to save preferences to a profile, go to Profile (in the app menu) and select Save Current Settings As… Enter a name for the profile. You can then use the Profile menu to switch between different profiles.

X Loseless Decoder profile

To compress a file, open it with the desired profile selected, or the relevant preferences active. Make sure the player is visible, if it isn’t, use the Windows menu to make it visible. Then, from the File menu, open the desired file(s) that you want to convert. A progress bar will appear, and the file(s) will be compressed and saved to the destination you specified.

x Loseless Decoder conversion

The app compresses files perfectly without compromising the quality of the sound in any way, and can read and convert files from a large number of formats.

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