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There are lot of note-taking apps available for Windows Phone 7, ranging from well-known ones like Evernote and OneNote, to the likes of Note Well and Smart Notes 2. However, in real-life scenarios, you don’t always have the time to type on your phone’s keyboard to create an important note on the go. JotPad is a new app, designed for exactly these same occasion, using which you can jot down anything in freehand. Not only that, the app can also be used for some lazy doodling. JotPad comes with some pretty cool features, including zooming support. Read on to find out about the rest.

JotPad WP7  JotPad Zoom Out

There are a number of options regarding the pen in JotPad. You can use a highlighter, felt-tip pen or a simple marker to create notes. The app supports eight themes and page backgrounds, some of which are just for cosmetic reasons, while others will make your hand-written notes look like they have been written on paper. Nevertheless, that’s not what makes JotPad unique; the app’s usefulness lies in the fact that it supports zooming. This means that you can play around with your notes by zooming out and then tilting them any way you want. This feature is also useful if you want to look closely at your handiwork. If you find some mistake in your endeavours, there is the Eraser button to rectify that.

JotPad Pen Types  JotPad Settings

JotPad also supports Live Tiles, and if you pin the app to your Start screen, the note you created  last will show up on the tile. What’s more, the tile is double-sided, and you can even customize what you want to see on the other side. Another awesome feature present in JotPad is Shake to clear. Even though the idea is not new by any means, it does look pretty neat when employed by JotPad. It would have made the app absolutely perfect if it came with the option to create multiple notes, but for now, you can not save a note if you want to create a new one. The only option is to wipe the first one, and start on with the next. While this certainly is a limitation, a silver lining to this issue is that the note you create in JotPad will not disappear automatically even if you close the app, and the next time you launch it, your drawing will be there on the screen, just like you left it.

JotPad is a free app, and can be downloaded from the web Marketplace link below.

Download JotPad

[via XDA Forum Thread]

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