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For all major mobile operating systems, you can find a broad range of app categories, with an umpteen number of apps falling under each. Android devices are no exception in this regard. Whether you’re a hardcore Android user or a casual one, chances are that your device is loaded with quite a few apps and games. If you’re looking for an effective and convenient means to get all the various apps organized nicely on your device, look no further than App Man. A fresh arrival to the Market, App Man is a comprehensive app management tool that lets you place up to 1,000 apps under customizable tabs and sub-tabs, according to their respective categories. From within each tab or sub-tab, you can sort, launch and even uninstall your apps. Details to follow.

By default, the app provides you with five main tabs, namely App Man, Tools, Games, News and Entertainment. Barring the App Man tab (the app’s main tab), the title and icon of all other tabs can be modified as desired. For this, just tap Menu > TabIcons and choose a tab that you wish to alter.


In addition to all the aforementioned controls (sort, uninstall, launch), the App Man tab also displays both your system and latest installed apps. From within the same tab, you can manually search for other user apps, view what apps you use the most or least, toggle list/grid view, and view various app details such as version and time of last update.

App-Man-Android-Latest  App-Man-Android-Details

From within the same screen, you can uninstall all unwanted users apps (system apps cannot be uninstalled with this app). Also included within the remaining four main tabs is a settings button that lets you Add, Remove and Rename various sub-tabs and place relevant apps under each. For example, under the Entertainment tab, you may add categories by the name of Music, Photos, Videos et al. Apps can be moved from one sub-tab to another or removed from a tab entirely. For each main tab, the app lets you add as many as ten sub-tabs.


Although the app is quite easy to use, if you still feel lost with some of its features, you can always launch the help screen. The app offers help in a couple of ways. To help you understand the main interface and all the controls included therein, the app contains a Help button within its main Menu. If you want help pertaining to the management of sub-tabs and apps, you can use the Help tab from within the tabs settings screen.

App-Man-Android-Add-Sub-Tabs  App-Man-Android-Add-Apps

If you’re not a big fan of placing shortcuts on your homescreen, or hate circling through the app drawer to locate a required app, then may be App Man is what you need. Unfortunately, the app does not allow you to add system apps to custom tabs. This makes it a little hard to use the app as an alternative to the app drawer.

App Man is absolutely free on the Android Market and requires Android OS v2.2 or higher to run. Download the app via the Market link or QR code provided below.

App Man: Organize Your Android Apps Under Custom CategoriesDownload App Man

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