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Forecastfox, a powerful weather monitoring Firefox add-on, lets you stay up-to-date with the current and upcoming weather conditions. With this add-on, you no longer need to visit complicated weather websites, as weather info is added to the right of Firefox status bar. You can hover your mouse over any of these for a larger view, with details like temperature, wind speed, humidity and pressure. Furthermore, you can also view an animated weather map by clicking the satellite icon.

Once the add-on is installed, different weather icons are added at the bottom of the page on the status bar. You can easily drag this weather bar, and like me, place it next to address bar for easier view.

weather icons

The default location is New York, which can easily be changed through the options menu by entering a city’s name or ZIP code. The add-on can also remember and work with multiple locations, and you may switch between different locations after every minute. Furthermore, the extensive add-on options allow you to choose different icons and measurement units from a list, and select different weather parameters, such as humidity, precipitation, UV radiation, visibility and more.


When you hover over the satellite icon, a satellite image pops up, which can either be a still shot or animated one.

satellite image

This is quite a useful add-on that keeps you updated with the latest weather conditions. Forecastfox Weather is unobtrusive and easy-to-use. Visit the link below to install this add-on.

Install Forecastfox Weather Add-On For Firefox

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