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iOS has enjoyed deep integration with Twitter ever since iOS 5 rolled out, but Twitter itself isn’t lying dormant by any means, as shown by the update rolled out today for Twitter’s official iPhone and iPad app. The famous micro blogging service updated its web version recently, and those changes are now reflected in the iOS app as well. Not only has the interface been completely revamped, the app now has a bunch of new options and features too. Head past the break to find out everything about the new Twitter.

Twitter iOS  Twitter iOS Timeline

If you are already signed in to Twitter when you download the update, then you will miss out on an attractive new feature added to the app. Log out to see the beautiful new welcome page that shows a different background image every time. Sign in and you will be greeted by a whole new Twitter. Although a lot of people don’t like it, one has to admit that the overall appearance of the app is rather neat now.

Twitter iOS Discover  Twitter iOS Me

If you look at the bottom of the app’s screen you will notice that all the sections have been changed. The Connect section lists all the Mentions you have received as well as the interactions of other users with your account. Using the Discover menu, users can see the latest trends and hottest news on Twitter, and find out if there are any suggestions on which people they should follow. The search bar present in this section is helpful in finding tweets and users related to a particular hash tag or term. Direct Messages can now be found under the Me tab. Said section of the app also allows you to view your complete Profile along with all stats related to your Twitter network. A rather interesting option here is Saved Searches, which is a log of all the terms and users you have ever searched for.

As mentioned earlier, it seems a lot of users are unhappy with the new Twitter, but I personally didn’t find much wrong with it. The update makes the app more attractive in terms of looks, and it certainly makes it easier for users to find things they would really be interested in. If you already have Twitter installed on your iDevice, the update notification must already be visible for you in the App Store. Otherwise, you can get the app from the download link provided below.

Download Twitter

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