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The desire to eat fries or enjoy one piece of cake will let you convince yourself that you otherwise eat healthy and that one little detour on the road to health isn’t going to matter. Breakfast was healthy, lunch was light, dinner had plenty of meat so what’s wrong with fries? The thing is, we all know fries aren’t good for us, that unless we’ve been eating healthy, the slight slip isn’t a good idea but we don’t know that about everything we eat. Not many restaurants will provide nutrition information so what’s a quick way to tell if what’s one our plate is healthy or not? Eat Your Greens is a remarkable new iOS app available in the App Store for $1.99. It does two really amazing things; it identifies food by its color and it tells you what color you need to eat more of. All you have to do is take a picture of your food, identify the different colors by placing markers, and the app does the rest. It is a unique approach that lets you analyse food nutrition by color instead of counting calories all the time.

Eat Your Greens only lets you use live photos, so any pictures you may have previously snapped of food can’t be used (I had to have a second dinner for just this reason). Once you’ve taken the picture, use the target tool at the bottom right to add markers to individual food items on your plate. Identify the greens, and the meat.

Eat Your Greens  Eat Your Greens markers

For each ‘entry’ you get a donut chart of your food with all the colors in your plate. Tap the broccoli icon at the top right and the app tells you what you are a lot of. The app looks at the various entries you’ve made and updates its advice accordingly.

Eat Your Greens colorsEat Your Greens result

Naturally, you might want to find out what color a certain food is. Tap the Apple button to learn about the different colors and which foods it includes. In the Settings tab you can manage any allergies you might have to different foods.

Eat Your Greens food colors  Eat Your Greens settings

You can review your entries later and add notes to them either when you take the picture or later when you revisit them in the entries tab. Apart from the app not allowing you to use old photos of foods, there isn’t any shortcoming. This prevents users from adding food eaten previously and analysing eating preferences. Overall, I love the idea of the app and the ease it offers to anyone wanting to analyse their food.

Download Eat Your Greens From The App Store

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