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WLM Blocked SenderTool is a portable application for Windows Live Mail users to help them easily manage blocked senders. While blocked senders can be managed from within the Windows Live Mail client, with WLM, you can block, import/export, backup and restore the list of spam email addresses. It provides complete synchronization with your Windows Live Mail client, enabling you to instantly block email addresses, whenever you receive a spam mail or messenger invite.

When launched, WLM Blocked Sender Tool automatically creates a backup for your Windows Live Mail blocked addresses, and allows you to add new addresses from the text box located on top. You can also remove existing blocked addresses (which are automatically displayed on the main interface) and import/export the list of spam email addresses. Another utility of WLM Blocked Sender Tool is that, should you mess up your blocked senders list, you can restore your original backup.

WLM Blocked Sender Tool

So, if you often require blocking junk email addresses from your Windows Live and Messenger accounts, then WLM Blocked Sender Tool can help you conveniently manage your blacklist. It works on Windows 7 only.

Download WLM Blocked Sender Tool

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