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The official Facebook client for Android has undergone a massive change in terms of interface as well as features with its latest update. To put it simply, the updated Facebook client for Android resembles the looks and, in many ways, functionality of its iPhone counterpart. The UI has received a complete overhaul, with all your friend requests, messages and notifications arranged at the top as separate buttons that can be tapped to reveal their contents within a bubble. The app now also lets you search for, access and filter all the required Facebook content in a much more convenient manner, explore photos much faster, view your friends’ tags on them and access your friends lists and subscriptions. Last but not the least, the update adds support for push notifications and the Timeline feature, that is, if you have it enabled for your account).

Facebook-Android-Update(Dec 8)-Notifications  Facebook-Android-Update(Dec 8)-Menu

One of the best things about the new UI is the left sidebar that can be reveal by tapping the More/Menu button in the top-left corner of the screen. The left sidebar provides you access to the search bar and all major sections of the social network from almost anywhere in the app.

Facebook-Android-Update(Dec 8)-Search  Facebook-Android-UpdateDec-8-Tags

The updated client not only renders photos much faster but also displays tags included with them (if any). You can now also remove posts from your Facebook profile page. Anything that you’ve Liked or Recommended on a webpage or posts that have you tagged can be instantly be removed from your Wall with a swipe. If you find a post on your profile that you wish to remove, swipe across it from right to left (preferably from the top of the plus button). It might take more than just a few tries to get it right the first time, but when you do, you’ll see a Remove button appear on top of the post. Tapping the button will remove the post from your profile page.

Facebook-Android-Update(Dec 8)-Filters  Facebook-Android-Update(Dec 8)-Remove

You can update your copy of Facebook for Android or to install it afresh from the Android Market link or QR code provided below.

Facebook App For Android Gets Push Notifications, Timeline The iPhone Client’s UIDownload Facebook For Android

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