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If you are tired of playing around with virtual desktop or opening, closing, minimizing and maximizing application windows to avoid cluttering on your desktop, have a go at WindowSlider. It is a desktop window management application that makes the desktop infinite on both left and right side. Infinite scrolling was first introduced on the web, but WindowSlider brings the concept to Windows desktop. You can scroll desktop to the left and right side allowing you to open multiple windows at a time. This gives you more space for application windows without them getting overlapped because of less screen space. It gives you the liberty to scroll left or right using keyboard hotkeys or just with your mouse.


WindowSlider resides in the system tray after installation. Right-click its icon to Enable/Disable infinite desktop and access the Hot keys Configuration window. The Hot keys Configuration window lets you edit hotkeys for Slide Left, Slide Right and Center Active Window functions. You can also scroll the desktop left or right by placing the mouse at the left or right edge of screen respectively or by switching to another window using the Windows default Alt+Tab application scrolling feature.

Hot keys configuration

Watch the video below to see it in action. Note that infinite scrolling appears laggy in the video, but in reality it is smooth. Give it a try yourself!

WindowSlider is still in beta phase and according to the developer, experiences some issues when running on Windows XP. We hope that it will be solved in the next release. It has been successfully tested and works flawlessly on Windows 7.

Download WindowSlider

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