FileWall Brings Real-Time Folder Encryption (On-The-Fly) In Windows Share
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FileWall is a encryption application to quickly encrypt and decrypt files in your hard drive. It integrates into the Windows Explorer right-click context menu and uses AES-128 bit encryption as the default encryption algorithm. It supports real-time encryption on folders which allows the data to be encrypted before being written to the disk. That means that no one will be able to access the existing and newly created documents inside a folder without entering the password.

The application has no interface and access is only available through the right-click context menu. To encrypt, right click on a file and select Encryption from the FileWall menu. Enter the Password and Confirm Password in the Encryption window and click OK.


Any user without the password will not be able to view the data inside the encrypted file. To decrypt an encrypted file, right-click it, select Decrypt and enter Password.

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FileWall sports another feature called Real-Time Encryption, which we love. Once you right-click on a folder, select Open real-time encryption from the FileWall menu and enter password, any data written inside the folder will be automatically encrypted. When you are done with entering data, right-click on the folder again and select Close real-time encryption from the FileWall menu to disable access to file data.

FileWall Real Time Encryption

FileWall works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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