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There many apps out there that let you create to-do lists and all, but most of them seem quite complicated. We all need an app that is easy-to-use and doesn’t complicate the way we manage our tasks. is a free, lightweight web app for individual usage. Lists are grouped in tabs and you can add more list tabs by clicking the (+) button. Furthermore, you can even drag items from one list to another. It comes with keyboard shortcuts that make it easier to add or remove tasks. comes with a clean interface and displays lists in tabs. To the right of the tabs you will find the Menu and Keyboard Shortcuts. You can logout, change your password and access the mobile version from the main menu. Simply create more list tabs by clicking the (+) button, click the tabs to set a name for your list and start adding items. Items can be ticked off when completed and deleted by clicking the tiny cross button.


This is a handy web application that only requires a simple sign-up after which you can create and save lists while working online. Grab ListDid from the link given below and drop a comment.

Visit Listdid

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