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The ozone layer is getting thinner with each passing day, which means we have to be more wary of the sun and chances of contracting skin cancer than ever before. It’s not possible to visit a dermatologist every week. SkinScan  for Windows Phone 7 can scan the moles on your skin, and see if they have any chance of being malignant. You can also send the changes in your mole to a skin specialist for a second opinion, or just store the info in your Microsoft HealthVault for a later referral.

plot confirm  questionare

To scan a mole, select Start scanning from the app’s homescreen to bing up the camera, focus the orange square in the viewfinder over your mole and tap scan. You might have to wait 30 seconds or more as the app registers the result. Next, you will be taken to the plot  screen, where you can choose the gender of the person in question by tapping the gender sign in the options at the bottom of the screen. If you do not want to change the gender, just select any of the three graphic profiles of the human body.

Within the plot confirm screen that follows, you can specify the part of the body where the mole is. Double-tap on the displayed human body graphic to point out the location of the mole.

Next in the submission process comes the questionnaire screen, which asks you to type in a Description and specify the Asymmetry, Edges, Color, Elevation, Ulceration, Dimensions and Evolution of the mole depending on the intensity of each characteristic or the options listed. In case you don’t understand the meaning of a term, tap the ‘?’ icon, which opens up a small dictionary for all terms on the screen.

analysis  skin activity

Once that is done, the app displays an analysis of your mole, explaining the odds of the mole being benign or malignant. If you tap learn more, you will get an explanation of the ‘ABCDE test’ , and what these five alphabets stand for. Tap Save to HealthVault if you want to save your mole’s analysis to your Microsoft HealthVault account. If you tap Send for Second Opinion, you can send your mole’s analysis to an MD registered with the app. If you do not feel like doing either of the two, just tap Back to Home Page.

You can track your skin activity by specifying your daily Sun exposure (hours) and Water intake (glasses). SkinScan will get the weather and UV intensity of your physical condition, and based on your input over a span of days, you will be able to view a Skin Activity Graph and Skin Activity History. This way, you can make sure you are taking necessary precautions to avoid the sun as much as possible to maintain your skin’s health.

Needless to say, SkinSkan is a helpful tool, considering the extreme weather changes taking place around the world these days. The app is available on the Windows Phone Marketplace for free. Link to its Web Marketplace page is provided below.

Download SkinScan

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