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TiWi Weather is a feature-rich mobile client of the renowned Totally Weather Interactive web service that, apart from hour-by-hour and 7-day weather forecasts, displays detailed weather/radar maps for rain, snow, cloud position, temperature, weather fronts and warnings on Android and iOS-powered devices. The thing that holds TiWi Weather apart from other similar apps is its interface, that displays. The app’s interface is one of its major highlights, as unlike other apps from its genre, it uses videos to portray the weather conditions of each day of the week. As of now, TiWi Weather displays weather information for US only. Details to follow.


Up until now, TiWi Weather was available to iOS users only. The Android variant of the app has just made its way into the Android Market.

The app’s UI is easy on the eyes and split into three main tabs: Forecast, Map and Settings. Tapping the plus (+) icon displays up-to-date weather conditions whereas the clock icon shows hour-by-hour weather forecast for that particular day. The app supports displaying comprehensive climate details including current conditions, Feels Like and minimum/maximum temperature, barometer, humidity, visibility, dewpoint, wind speed and sunrise/sunset time. That’s not all; to view a detailed breakdown of weather conditions for day/night, tap on a thumbnail.


The Map tab contains various tabs arranged at the top of the screen, where each tab opens a specific aforementioned map type. The Settings tab can be used to add/remove cities to/from the app’s list and set preferred temperature unit (Centigrade/Fahrenheit). To switch between locations on the Forecast screen, just swipe left/right on the large video thumbnail in the middle of the app’s homescreen (for the current day by default).


TiWi Weather is available for free on the Android Market. Download the app from the Market link or QR code provided below.

TiWi Weather Brings Its Attractive Weather Client To AndroidDownload TiWi Weather

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