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There are countless photo editing apps for iOS. MobileMonet is an app from the same genre that adds a little more simplicity to its functionality. All you have to do is import or snap a photo, and MobileMonet will do everything for you automatically, giving you a great-looking black and white sketched version of the original image. It then allows you to paint over the edited image to reveal its original colors.

MobileMonet HD

MobileMonet has separate versions for iPhone and iPad, which are identical in functionality, but vary a little in terms of interface. There are a lot of options on the app’s home screen, but most of them are related to Help and Support. The app is actually designed around one principle, and that’s simplicity.

There are four ways of converting an image to a sketch using MobileMonet. You can choose an image from the Photo Library, snap a new photo from within the app or can import photos from your Facebook account. The app also sports a rather unique copy-paste functionality. You can of copy an image to the Clipboard, and then paste it to the app for editing.

MobileMonet HD Photo

Once an image has been imported, MobileMonet will automatically apply a sketched look to it. This might not seem like an intuitive way of editing your images as it doesn’t offer any customization, but that’s not entirely true. You can make a few adjustments after the conversion has taken place. By default, the whole sketch will be in black and white, but you can add touches of color anywhere you want using the Brush tool. After you have chosen the brush width and sensitivity (and/or a color from the palette), just swipe over the photo to have colors appear in that portion. Conversely, the eraser tool can be used to give your images a washed-out look.

MobileMonet HD Sketched

MobileMonet has recently gone free for a very limited time, so do give it a try if you are into mobile photo editing apps. Link to its App Store page is provided below.

Download MobileMonet

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