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Back in May, a Cydia tweak called SlideCut was released allowing you to add keyboard shortcuts to the on-screen keyboard on your iOS device. These shortcuts mimicked the ones we’ve all become accustomed to using on our desktop. The tweak itself is pretty good if you want just the usual keyboard shortcuts. If you want something more, then try  SwipeExpander. It’s available in the BigBoss and Insanelyi repositories and it lets you assign a long list of actions to any key. It’s also a great text expander; you can assign text to any key and when you swipe it, the text is entered. Swiping a key is how all shortcuts are triggered.

SwipeExpander comes with actions already assigned to it but it’s a good idea to go through them all before you start using the tweak. Since you can enable more than one keyboard in iOS, the tweak itself is built to work with all keyboards. In the Settings app, tap the SwipeExpander preference. You can manage a key’s sensitivity and you can enable some visual cues to help you identify the shortcuts. You can also manage the visibility of the shortcut names as they appear on the keyboard.

SwipeExpander settings   SwipeExpander settings2

To edit an action, tap the keyboard you want to edit the keys for and then select which of the listed keys you want to edit. The Name field is what appears on top of a key to indicate which shortcut you’ve assigned to it. To each key, you can assign two different actions triggered by a swipe up and a swipe down on the respective key. The Action itself is set to text expansion for all by default. It lets you access characters like a coma, exclamation mark, @, and more without having to switch to the number and character set of keys. However, actions aren’t limited to just text expansion. They can be set to open a menu, select all text, cut, copy, paste, undo, redoe, delete, dismiss autocorrect, and more.

SwipeExpander keyboardSwipeExpander actions

You can assign a new key to an action under Assigned keys by tapping Assign New Key. The tweak will let you assign a shortcut to just about any key but there will be exceptions. The developer has made the tweak compatible with popular keyboard tweaks PredictiveKeyboard, SwipeSelection, and more.

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