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Music controls in the Control Center are possibly one of best things to ever come out of iOS 7. The Control Center itself is very popular because it negates the need to have a flash light app, serves as a way to launch the calculator, camera, and compass app. Of the many functions that Control Center gives easy access to, the Music controls are the only area where you could want more. Musiex is a Cydia tweak available in the Bigboss and Insanelyi repositories that adds a gesture based HUD for music being played. It lets you view the current track that’s playing complete with album cover art, and lets you swipe to the next or previous track, pause/play it, jump ahead or back, and enable repeat and shuffle. The tweak also comes with a dark and light theme, as well as the option to create a custom theme.


Go to the Settings app to configure the tweak. You won’t be able to use it unless you assign a gesture to activate it. Gestures are assigned under Activation Methods. Needless to say, you must have Activator installed on your device in order to assign a gesture. Under Settings, you can disable Notification Center from being pulled down when Musiex. You can also choose between two different types of controls, ‘Standard’ or ‘Gesture’ controls. With Standard controls, you will swipe Musiex to reveal buttons for playing/pausing and switching between tracks. With Gesture controls, you swipe left and right on Musiex to switch between tracks and tap it to play/pause. In either modes, tapping and holding the cover art will open the app the music is playing in.

Musiex  Musiex settings

Musiex appears as a notification normally would on your device. To dismiss it, you simply swipe it up. The tweak is set to the dark theme by default but you can choose the light one from its settings under Theme. There is also the option to create you own custom theme by adjusting the RGB values for the background and text color. You can also manage the opacity of Musiex for each theme.

Musiex playingMusiex theme


Musiex is pretty good as far as ease of use goes. You can bring it up on the lock screen, within an app without switching away from it, and on your home screen. The tweak also works with other apps that play music i.e. your browser, SoundCloud etc. It should work with most popular third party music apps as well.

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