Feedworthy For Reddit Is A Gesture Based App For Redditing In Bed [iOS] Share
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It’s the weekend and no doubt a lot of us are going through all those blue links on Reddit. Not that we wait for the weekend to do it, just that I’m willing to go a lot deeper in on the weekend and assume other people do the same. Every Redditor knows that you don’t just Reddit on your computer. When you turn your computer off and get ready for bed, you pick up your phone and Reddit on it some more. For Redditors on an iPhone, Feedworthy for reddit is a free app for browsing Reddit. It is gestured based making it even easier to Reddit when you’re in bed and unless you want to post a comment or search for a sub-reddit, you can browse with nothing more than a thumb.

Launch the app and swipe left to browse the many default sub-reddits. When you see a sub-reddit you want to explore, tap it. Scroll to see all links. To return to the app’s home screen, swipe down.

Feedworthy for reddit  Feedworthy for reddit FP

To view a post, tap it and it will open in a new screen. To return to the sub-reddit, swipe down. You can view comments by tapping the comments on a post. The app lets you sign in with your Reddit account and you can upvote/downvote posts as well as post comments. By default, the app hides NSFW posts but you can make them visible from the settings. To access settings, return to the app’s home screen and swipe up. Feedworthy for reddit also has a night mode for, you guessed it, browsing in dim light i.e. when you’re in bed pretending you will go to sleep after reading all 1948 comments on this one post.

Feedworthy for reddit comments  Feedworthy for reddit settings

Last but not least, you can share a post from the app using the default sharing options. To search for a sub-reddit, swipe down on the home screen to reveal the search bar.

Feedworthy for reddit shareFeedworthy for reddit search



The app has ads which can be removed through an in-app purchase. It has a neat interface and a very simple one at that. Usually with gesture based apps, you have limited actions that can be performed and many screens to swipe through complicating things a lot but Feedworthy For Reddit handles it fairly well.

Install Feedworthy For Reddit From The App Store

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