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When you turn on your PC, are you annoyed by the long delay before Windows becomes responsive, and you are able to start using the computer? A lot of applications start automatically with Windows, making the startup process quite long. My Startup Delayer is a portable application that lets you choose which processes are disabled and delayed at Windows startup, and launches the applications one by one, making the PC responsive even during startup. It allows you to specify the number of seconds to start the applications after, and the delay between starting each individual application. You may also add custom applications in startup, enabling you to save time in opening the routinely used applications.

The interface has HKEY Local Machine, HKEY Current User and User Defined application lists in the left side, while Delay Options and General Options appear on the right side.

My Startup Delayer v0.3 - Config

Set the Delay Options including Seconds to wait before launching EXE and Seconds to wait after launching EXE. To change the startup status of an application, right-click its name in the list, and select the required status. Right-click in the User Defined list and select Add a New Program to add a custom application to Windows startup.

My Startup Delayer v0

My Startup Delayer works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download My Startup Delayer

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