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Temperatures of hard drives increase during heavy processing and read/write operations. For instance, your hard drive will start heating up if you’re running a virtual machine on your computer. Each hard drive has temperature thresholds that they need to run within to function properly, and avoid damage to data and hardware. So, it is important to monitor your hard drive temperatures while performing operations that require heavy processing. DiskAlarm is an application that allows you to view the hard drive temperature, and sounds an alarm in case the temperature exceeds the specified limit.

The main interface shows the name of connected hard drives, temperature for each, and options to apply alarms, toggle alarm sounds, and switch between Centigrade and Fahrenheit temperature scales.


Once you set the alarm, the application will keep monitoring the hard drive temperature, and when the specified limit is reached, it will display a notification on your desktop, as well as sounding an alarm through your speakers.

Alarm Notification

The application also creates a log file, saving temperature details after every 5 seconds, and automatically points out the times when temperature reached the alarm limit.

TimeTemp.log - Notepad

Click the Options button in the main interface to access settings related to General (Startup, Balloon Notifications etc), Sounds (Change Alarm Sound, Set Custom Sound etc), Action (Sleep Mode and Run a Process on Alarm) and Log File (Maximum Entries, Show Log, Save Log).


DiskAlarm works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download DiskAlarm

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