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I often share stories from both my Twitter and Facebook feed. Sometimes it’s a simple retweet or clicking the Share button but most times, after I’ve read an article through, I like to share an interesting snippet from it too. When sharing from Twitter to Facebook, or vice versa, it’s a more complicated process which has me copy pasting and switching between apps a lot. StuffMerge Message Wizard is an Android app that is an extension of the clipboard, allowing you to gather text and links to a clipboard. It sounds ordinary enough to not be a big deal but StuffMerge is not a replacement for your device’s default clipboard. It records snippets you save to the clipboard when you want it to. These snippets are added to a board and can be added with a simple tap, so you can gather, arrange, and share them as one.

The app adds a floating button to your screen so you can easily open it and compose your message. As long as it is running, it’s icon remains active in the notification area where you can pause it. Adding text to StuffMerge doesn’t require you to engage with the app. You send text and links to your clipboard like normal and the app actively saves it. When you’re ready to use the snippets you’ve saved, open the app from it’s floating button.

StuffMerge pause  StuffMerge copy


As you save text and links, they are added to a group. Grouping, as the term obviously implies, groups the snippets together. It’s useful for when you are saving text for different messages but you have to select a different group from the app to get it to switch in the first place. A snippet can also be moved from one group to the other.

The snippets each carry an icon to represent what type they are, i.e. text or a link. tap and hold a snippet to reveal options for deleting or editing the snippet. To compose your message, tap a snippet and it’s added to the compose area. The compose area itself lets you manually edit the text and once you’ve arranged your snippets the way you want them, you can add the new arrangement to the group of snippets, or share it using the Send button at the bottom left.

StuffMerge edit  StuffMerge compose


The app is really good and designed with ease of use in mind. Each text snippet is color coded and when added to the message you’re composing, the color code carries over to it so you know which one you’ve added. Overall, it’s an app worth having around and it isn’t just helpful for posting to social media, the app is great for gathering, arranging, and composing a message to send via email. There is a limit to how many snippets can be saved though the limit can be removed through an in-app purchase.

Install StuffMerge Message Wizard From The Google Play Store

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