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Some Nautilus users have been rather annoyed by the positioning of back and forward buttons to the right-hand side of the Nautilus file browser in Ubuntu 11.10. While there might not appear to be any easy way of getting this fixed, a developer has posted a tip on Ubuntu Forums to provide a quick solution. This tip posted by user “nyteryder79”, allows users to shift the back and forward buttons on the Nautilus file browser, back to the left.

Note: Before following the below mentioned instructions, it is advised to backup your computer to revert the changes, in case an issue occurs.

To get started, enable the “Source code” repository by pressing the Super (Windows) key and typing “Source”. Now, open “Software Sources”, check the box before “Source code” and click close. Once done, enter the following commands in Terminal:

mkdir ~/Desktop/nautilus-mod

cd ~/Desktop/nautilus-mod

sudo apt-get update

apt-get source nautilus

sudo apt-get build-dep nautilus

cd ~/Desktop/nautilus-mod/nautilus-3*

gedit src/nautilus-toolbar.c

Scroll down to line 132, or do a “find” for “gtk_toolbar_insert (GTK_TOOLBAR (self->priv->toolbar), item, 0)“, and change the value “0″ to a “2″. This means that you will have to change the original line


	gtk_toolbar_insert (GTK_TOOLBAR (self->priv->toolbar), item, 0);


	gtk_toolbar_insert (GTK_TOOLBAR (self->priv->toolbar), item, 2);

Save and close Gedit, and enter these commands in Terminal.

./configure --prefix=/usr


sudo killall nautilus

sudo make install

nautilus &

Log out or restart your system and log back in (recommended). You should now have the back and forward button shifted to the left (as shown below).


Nautilus File Browser


Nautilus File Browser

To revert back to the default Nautilus browser format, change the “2″ value back to a “0″, re-make and re-install. Alternatively, enter this command in Terminal:

sudo apt-get --reinstall install nautilus

You might want to remove the required dev packages as well, but make sure that you do not remove something important. For more information and queries, visit Ubuntu Forums thread.

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