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It’s hard to describe just how exciting retro gameplay was in its time. Modern video games may sport the most realistic graphics but many of them fail to capture the same charm that Atari did back in the 80s. Denny’s, the popular pancake restaurant chain across the US, aims to bring back that charm by resurrecting three Atari titles through its Denny’s Atari Remix offering for Android and iOS. Available for free at Google Play and iTunes App Store, the remix is basically a homage to Atari’s 8-bit era, and aimed to promote Denny’s new “Greatest Hits Remixed” dishes lineup. Lets take a look at each title of the package.

The games in question are vector-based Hashteroids (a remixed Asteroids), a shoot-’em-up called Centipup (Centipede), and a brick-breaking action title Take-Out (Breakout). All these titles were originally released in arcades and then eventually landed on Atari 2600, the most popular video game console of the late 70s. All games have had their graphics retouched with breakfast themed aesthetics, and feature inexplicable storylines. For example, here’s a small synopsis of Take-Out: “A wall made entirely of delicious Denny’s breakfast items appears blocking all the take-out orders from their rightful owners. The only way to feed customers is to break down that wall!”.

Hashteroids - Copy Take out - Copy Centipup - Copy


In Hashteroids, you take control of a ship called SS Denny’s Condiment Transport. Your objective is to shoot and destroy miniscule asteroids – which are replaced by hash browns destroyed by shooting ketchup from a spaceship-shaped bottle. The controls comprises left and right directional buttons for tilting the bottle, a throttle button located at the bottom for acceleration and a shoot button tapping which shoots the ketchup at your enemies. The game is fun and played entirely by holding the device in landscape.

Game 1


Take-Out is a homage to Atari’s Breakout arcade title. The brick-by-brick breakfast wall destruction arcade gives you control of an egg and your plate. By using both these tools, you can destroy the wall of Denny’s food items. The more food items you hit, the more points you score. You need to tap and hold the simple arrow like buttons and swipe your finger left or right to move the plate horizontally and prevent the egg from hitting the ground.

Game 2  Game 2ii


Centipup is a fast-paced arcade survival game where you use a magical bottle of syrup to fight off the hypnotized creatures of the Wonderfood Forest. The game’s controls are located at the bottom. The track ball button on the right allows you to move the bottle left or right, while the target button on the left is for shooting the creatures with tiny laser bullets.

Game 3  Game 3ii

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