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The technological advancement of recent times has let disabled people perform normal functions, and lead a pretty regular life. These days, disabled people are climbing mountains and running in Olympic races with the help of different gizmos. Devices that help them perform tasks normally come under the name of assistive technology, or accessibility options in case of Windows. Clikka Mouse is one such application that allows disabled users, in particular, people who can’t use or don’t have fingers, to use their computer in a normal way. The application is used to emulate mouse-click actions at the position of the cursor, without actually pressing the buttons. Read more about Clikka Mouse after the jump.

The application installs a toolbar on your desktop that is hidden by default, and can be accessed by moving mouse to the left of the screen. The toolbar allows you to choose different clicking modes, including No Click, Double Click, Single Click, Click and Drag, Right Click and Middle Click. Just hover your mouse over an option to enable the corresponding clicking mode.


Click the Hammer and Spanner button to access the Options window of Clikka Mouse. It has settings to increase and decrease Tolerance, and time to Wait before click. Other options include View Central click button and Beep to turn off sounds. You can also change application language, and add more languages by clicking their respective buttons.


Clikka Mouse works with all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.

Download Clikka Mouse

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