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Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, is one of the most-widely-used websites that covers unlimited topics and subjects. Wikipedia uses Wikitables to present different kinds of information and comparisons, but sometimes, the table size is just too large or detailed, and can cause confusion. WikiMatrix, a Firefoxadd-on, allows you to get rid of rows you’re not interested in by inserting a small button (X) into each row, clicking which all rows & tables associated with that item, are removed. The add-on also inserts a Wikimatrix Restore table at the end of the page, which consists of all the rows you delete. You can restore any removed rows by clicking the (X) button again.

By deleting rows and removing unwanted content, you can narrow down your comparison/table to exactly the content that you want to view.


The removed items are all added to a Wikimatrix Restore table, which can be found right at the end of the page. Clicking the X here restores these items back to the original table.


WikiMatrix comes in handy especially when you come across tables with a large number of rows. It allows you to narrow down your search, and hopefully view comparisons with more clarity. Currently, the add-on is a little buggy with its restore feature, but hopefully this will be fixed soon. Visit the link below to install it.

Install WikiMatrix Add-on For Firefox

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