UnCleaner: Remove Junk/Temp Files Without Messing Up Browser History Share
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Different applications leave numerous useless files, such as logs and temporary files, in your PC when you install and uninstall them. Other Windows functions such as Windows update and downloaded installations also leave some files behind. These unnecessary files and folders clutter up your hard drive, causing a decrease in PC performance. UnCleaner is an application that displays a file report detailing all junk files, and cleans them in one go. The application allows you to set task scheduler to enable system cleaning on every startup. Some of the files that it cleans include Windows account temp files, Windows updates downloaded files, Windows installer temp files, Windows shell cached files etc.

The interface displays the Status of your PC at the top, and suggests to clean your PC in case you have a lot of junk files. Other information include Total Size, Total Number of Files and Total Number of Folders of junk. At the bottom, there are buttons for Clean, Schedule, File Report and Refresh. To clean your PC, stop any ongoing downloads and click Clean.


You can schedule UnCleaner to check your PC for junk files on every startup by clicking the Schedule button. In the UnCleaner Task Schedule, click Install to activate the scheduler.

UnCleaner Task Scheduler

Click File Report button to view a complete list of all the unnecessary files and folders stored in your hard drive.

UnCleaner File Report

UnCleaner works on all versions of Windows, provided Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or higher is installed on your system.

Download UnCleaner

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