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Want to see all your bookmarks, history, downloads, add-ons and more in a single pane?  All-in-One Sidebar (AiOS) is a Firefoxadd-on that adds a slim sidebar to the left side of your browser that not only provides quick access to bookmarks, history, downloads and add-ons, but also lets you view website information and entire websites, all without having to obscure your view of the main browser window. You can click on the left edge of the sidebar to hide or expand it, or set it to expand automatically when the mouse hovers over the left edge of the browser window, and hide when the cursor moves away. The sidebar is fully customizable. You can align it to the left or right of the browser, adjust its width, customize individual panels and assign keyboard shortcuts to each.

The very first button (from top) on the sidebar allows you to view all your bookmarks, the Tools drop down menu gives you access to further options for each panel. Access your history and sort it using the tools button. In addition to that, you can view your download list and delete download history by clicking Clear List.


The add-on also lets you view detailed information for any website, such as Address, Type , Render Modem, Size and many more. To open the website open in the main browser window within the sidebar, click the double-headed arrow right beside the sidebar’s close button. This opens the website within the sidebar’s Multipanel section.


The All-in-one Sidebar options let you customize the sidebar according to your preferences.  There are options for changing the orientation and behavior of the side bar, selecting which  panels to open in the sidebar, and additional options exclusive to each panel.

This add-on allows you to open all panels of the sidebar via keyboard shortcuts. Open the options dialog to configure these shortcuts. Within the Shortcuts tab, double-click a shortcut to change it according to your needs.


This is quite a handy add-on, specially for people who work over the web, and want to save time while browsing. You can grab it from the link given below.

Install All-in-One Sidebar Add-on For Firefox

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