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Playing brain teasing games is one of the best ways to relax and improve your creative and cognitive skills more quickly. Brain teasers test us with a series of questions and riddles to check where our problem-solving skills lie, and aid in improving our memory. Lumosity is one such popular website, having 60 million active users, that promises to train your brain’s different areas related to speed, attentiveness, memory etc. using neuroscience research as a foundation. It has grown in popularity thanks in great part to its iOS app. Lumosity has launched its official Android app which brings the service to Google’s mobile OS. The app carries various brain teasing exercises, sports elegant UI and is free.

Lumosity_Intro  Lumosity_Intro 2  Lumosity_Sign in

Lumosity isn’t just an old-school method of improving your brain with simple math equations. When you sign up – which is purportedly mandatory to track your progress – the app asks what areas you’re most concerned about, i.e. memory, attention, speed, flexibility and problem solving, and you can choose the options that deem fit. Past that, you’re also asked to choose your gender and education level, after which Lumosity presents its home screen where you can tap get started to begin playing your first game.

The app lays out a number of daily brain exercises . It also run you through a tutorial for each activity to get you acquainted with how each exercise actually works. As you work each day, you can compare your scores and see if you’re sticking well with your progress.

Lumosity_Speed Match  Lumosity_Speed_Match

Each of these daily exercise regimes consists of five games that should take approximately fifteen minutes to complete. One game requires you to compare symbol with previously appeared shape, for instance, and you need to answer by simply tapping Yes or No. There’s another game that asks you to choose the greater number among two options.

Lumosity_Greater  Lumosity_Flexbility  Lumosity_Leaves

After each game, your total score count is shown and Lumosity even lets you compare your results with others on the web. You can also go back and replay a previous game to improve your current score. Lumosity is currently available for free but it offers limited features. If you need more perks and access to more games, you can sign up for a paid subscription which comprises $11.95 /month or $59.95 /year.

Lumosity_LPI  Lumosity_Sidemenu  Lumosity_Games

Overall, Lumosity for Android is a brilliant app that can help you improve your thinking skills and exercise your brain.

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