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Multifile Search & Replace is a Java-based application to find and replace text from multiple files at a time. It can identify words used in more than one file, and replace all of the words in one go. It can come especially handy if you need to edit, say, the name of a company in some official documents, because the original name was changed, or change some lower case words into upper case ones. The tool allows you to search files according to folders, and allows you to perform recursive search including subfolders. Apart from searching and replacing words, the application displays the location of files where the text was found, and backups the original files before making any changes, in case you want to undo the operation.

To start, enter the path of folder containing your files in Source Folder. If you want to search specific type of files, define the format in Files. Enter the Search Text and Replace Text in their respective fields, and enable recursive search by selecting SubFolders option. Select Find to just find the files containing the desired text, or click Replace to find and replace it with the new text.

Multifile Search & Replace

The application works on all versions of Windows, provided Java Webstart is installed on your system.

Download Multifile Search & Replace

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