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iOS 8 will allow third party keyboards to be installed on your device which is great news and something people with jailbroken devices know the importance of. KeyCuts is yet another Cydia tweak that aims to make typing on iOS better but instead of changing what the keyboard does, it adds gestures that make typing easier. The tweak is available in the BigBoss repository and costs $0.99. By default, it lets you erase one letter by swiping up, jump to a new line by swiping down, delete the last word you just wrote by swiping left, and add a space and period by swiping right. In effect, it renders the backspace, enter, and space bar useless. It supports other functions that can be assigned to these four gestures.


Once installed, head to the tweak’s settings panel to customize it. In addition to the four default functions that you can assign, you can choose to clear text, paste text, copy selected text, cut selected, text, select all text, delete selected text, undo, redo, and copy all text by using one of these gestures. Just below the gesture customization options you can manage the activation area.


settings   keycut


The tweak responds to gestures made over the keyboard and you can select which rows of the keyboard the tweak should detect gestures on. This is to suit your typing habits and also to avoid accidental gestures from being sent to the tweak. Since the tweak can only be activated by swiping up/down, left/right on the keyboard you won’t accidentally trigger it if you’re in any other app, whether it’s a game or  news app. You get the same advantage when you’re on your home screen, no accidental swipes for the tweak to interpret.

The downside or rather the shortcoming of the app is that it won’t work with the Calculator app. Granted the Calculator app doesn’t have the QWERTY keyboard but the gestures would still be nice to have when using any app that we can input data/text in. Why I find this tweak particularly useful is because I don’t type well on the iOS keyboard. I’ve often hit the M key when I meant to hit backspace and, likewise I’ve also hit the B or N key when really I meant to tap the space bar twice and add a full stop and this tweak means I won’t make as many mistakes when I type now. The tweak is aimed at helping you type better (not faster) on your iOS device and it seems to do that fairly well.

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