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Reviewing software for our Addictivetips readers is part of my job. And for someone who needs to install and test various applications on a daily basis, it becomes fairly tedious for me to individually uninstall programs that I no longer need from my computer. Windows users are aware that its default ‘Uninstall a Program’ tool is not very handy for such situations; it’s slow, bloated and doesn’t even fully remove all traces of applications. This is where Menu Uninstaller Pro comes to the rescue. This program carries a lot of features you will not find in the default uninstaller, for instance, it allows you to uninstall applications via right-click context menu and batch uninstall multiple items too.

When it comes to the interface, there’s nothing jaw-dropping about Menu Uninstaller Pro. It’s average at best. The program window carries the list of applications that you have installed on your machine. You can also switch between user applications and user and system applications by clicking ‘Show Updates’ to the right, which basically also lets you remove system updates like D3DX10, Windows Live PMT and other similar items. The search box located at the top allows you to find a particular software from the list.

When you select a program from the list, Menu Uninstaller Pro displays its pertaining information such as developer name, version, size, URL etc. at the bottom. You can also view Registry information or view the same in a Notepad file. Another handy bit is that you can uninstall multiple programs in one go by enabling ‘Multiple Uninstall’ checkmark located within the UI. To uninstall program(s), simply make your selection from the list followed by clicking ‘Standard Uninstall’ to the right to begin uninstallation.

Menu Uninstaller Pro

Another quick way to uninstall an application from your computer using Menu Uninstaller Pro is through the right-click context menu. To do that, right-click the program’s shortcut and select Uninstall. This definitely cut downs a few steps usually required to remove apps.

The third method to remove a program from your computer is by simply dragging and dropping its shortcut on Menu Uninstaller Pro’s interface, but unfortunately, this feature didn’t work when I tested it on my own.

Uninstall via right-click

Besides three different uninstallation methods, the tool also sports additional features including the ability to export a list of installed software as a CSV file, letting users access history log, changing program language and Working Mode (Normal and Fast), as well as specifying a password to prevent misuse of Menu Uninstaller Pro.

Menu Uninstaller Pro_Password

Menu Uninstaller Pro is a multi-lingual app that works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Both 32 bit and 64 bit OS versions are supported.

Download Menu Uninstaller Pro

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