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We were pretty excited when Windows Phone 7 released its Mango update. In addition to all the awesome new features that came with WP7.5, there were a few small yet attractive changes that initially went unnoticed. Among these changes were graphical emoticons. While Mango was still in its beta testing phase, it was discovered that if you send smileys in a text message, they will, like in Android, automatically get converted to images (we covered the feature soon after its discovery). Sadly, not all graphical emoticons are displayed within WP7’s keyboard. If you have ever wanted to see the character combinations for each and one of those smileys, help is finally here. Read on to view the cheat sheet for most of the emoticons that have images associated with them.

WP7 Emoji

I have discovered quite a lot of these emoticons accidentally on my Omnia 7, but never knew what they meant. The sheet presented above will let you know the name of all those smileys, in addition to telling you how to create them. The list presented above is not complete.  It was originally posted by the folks over at Windows Phone’s official blog with the promise that it will be extended soon.

It would be really convenient if this list gets integrated with WP7’s stock keyboard, much like in the stock Android keyboard, which displays a list of all graphical emoticons.

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