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Most of us take it for granted that our address book is synced right along with our email account. And while this works well for retrieving the same information on multiple devices, often times we encounter situations when one of our friends or coworkers changes or updates their  information. Perhaps they are using a different email now, or may be they got a new number? Android users can now automatically exchange up to date contact information with people in their contacts list with the latest Addappt app available for free in the Google Play Store. First released on iOS about a year ago, Addappt is a simple app that privately syncs your contacts with your friends, in turning allow both of you have the same contact info about each other.

Akin to its iOS counterpart, Addappt for Android relies on contact data already stored on your device. When you initially launch the app, you must first register and authenticate an account with the service via email. The authentication email you use must be the same that syncs contacts on your Android device, otherwise your friends will not see any changes you make to your information.

Any time you update the information in your own contact card, people in your contact list can see the changes as well. Similarly, when your friend who are using Addappt make changes to their email address, personal address, website, etc. their information is also updated on your device.

addappt_Intro  addappt_Email verify  addappt_Code

The company asserts that any information in your contacts list remains private and secure, and that none of it is uploaded to their servers in anyway. While many would argue to trust such a claim, for what it’s worth, I believe them. The app also makes it easier to send group texts, emails and photos to your contacts. You can invite people in your contacts list who aren’t using Addappt yet by sending an invitation email from within the app. While scrolling down your contacts list, tapping on a name opens up the full contact card showing their display picture, and any contact info stored in your device.

addapptMain  addappt_Contacts  addappt_Contact info

All in all the app is really helpful if you want an automated solution to have the latest contacts information available to you. You can download the Android application to your device via the link below.

Install Addappt from Play Store

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