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Popular social media tracking service Klout has finally released its official Android app in the Google Play Store. The free application, which landed on iOS long ago, shows your Klout influence online with major social networks. You’re also awarded a Klout score determined by a variety of factors including the type of content you share, retweets, followers etc., which help increase your influence in particular topics or area. When posting links, you can schedule them based on when your audience is most active, and the app also provides content recommendations tailored to your social media audience only.

Klout_Sign in  Klout_Main

Klout pulls data from social media services like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube etc., to keep your audience well engaged about new content you share. If you don’t have a Klout account, you’ll have to set up for one using your Twitter or Facebook account. You can also sign in via your computer, as Klout is also available on the web. Once signed in, you will be able to link additional services as you see fit from the app’s Settings screen.

The pp’s home screen lets you post different types of content including links of topics that interest you, images, or simple text. Klout carries different buttons on the home screen for adding the images, setting post schedule, or viewing Klout topics. Assuming you’re new to Klout, the first thing you will need to so is add a few topics to your arsenal, the process of which is pretty simple. The app carries an integrated Topic Explorer where you can add and remove new topics related to entertainment, finance, career and personal growth, automobiles, celebrities and more. Once your desired topics are selected, simply relaunch the app (I had to do it once) and you will see new topics appearing on the home screen.

Klout_Topics  Klout_Topics added  Klout_Topics selected

Everything in Klout determines your Klout score. And the best way to increase that is by posting interesting content that others will like. The process of posting a new Klout post is easy. Assuming you want to share a new topic, you can either drag it from the topics list below over the input field or tap on the topic and then hit ‘Add to Post’ button below. Klout also enables you to add your current location in the post, custom images, and any additional notes. Once that is done, tapping the miniscule Play button at top right will post it your Klout account.

Klout_Topic  Klout_Share

All in all, the Android app despite being much late to arrive on the Google Play Store, is well designed and user-friendly. If you’re previously relying on web UI to access it from your Android device, then this new app aims to give a helping hand.

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