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YACReader is a comic reader that lets you read comics, rotate images, create bookmarks and read comics in double page mode, if you have a large enough screen. It supports CBZ, CBR, ZIP, TAR, ARJ and RAR formats, and can save a particular page of the comic as JPG image. The application sports a preview pane, full screen view and a zoom option to view those complex drawings. YACReader allows you to create multiple bookmarks in a comic to resume reading without having to manually search where you left. More on the features after the jump.

YACReader has a toolbar at the top containing Open, Save As, Open Previous Comic, Open Next Comic, Go To Next Page, Rotate, Zoom, Set Bookmark, Open Bookmarks, Show Keyboard Shortcuts, Options etc buttons. Click Open and select a comic to start reading. Move the mouse pointer to the bottom of the interface to access the preview pane, and scroll through the pages using your mouse wheel.


You can set bookmarks on four pages per comic by clicking Set A Bookmark On Current Page button available in the toolbar. To view the bookmarks, click Show Bookmarks Of Current Comic button, and click on an image to directly open that page of the comic.


Click YACReader Options button at the top right corner of the interface to configure preview pane related options. Go To Flow Size changes the size of preview pane, How to Show Pagesin GoToFlow has CoverFlow Look, Striple Look and Overlapped Stripe Look transition styles for the preview pane and Page width stretch lets you adjust the width of pages. The default comic folder can be specified in My Comics Path. Click Save to apply all the changes.


YACReader is an open source application that works cross-platform, and has versions available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Download YACReader

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